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Ode to sensuality.


The language of the body, the time of the body,the body of the time, the cracks in the body, the towers of the body, body circumferences, body folds, broken body, breakage of the body, runs the body and ligaments, the trappings of the vessels,the outlines of veins, returns of scissors, the edges of the waves and scalpels, detours, twists and attire of the body, spills on the table, enclosures, the globes of blood, blood clots, residues of semen  pu, research components of a number of fingers, the number of Achilles heels.

The elongations of the coup, the piece of heating, the head of the station master at the cap, shows the dancer's always noon, the position of the passenger waiting train, trains are late, the small bag, the old singer, the girl on arrival, the guy next to nose first comes to its height that your width, said at the recommended height to the country's entry-blue granite Fouta - the pachyderm.

Any investigation, not on identity but on the riddle of existence-how better framework than the body, to try to find the''peculiar breed of man who forged his mystery in the eyes of an elephant browsing on an insect whole shape of her nose to the geography of the arid soil Guinea where it is assumed the birth of all species of elephants and cousins.

This birth can confirm that the scholars is revealed in the forms of a mountain shepherds have thousands of times bypassed with their herds.     

The artist whose voice is decisive seeks to bind the body to a genealogy between mythical figures and trees that appear and disappear in decreasing shadows and bubbles on the leaves yellowed. Description body lodged within the bauxite, iron cold and energy to the edge History in a situation-I mean-

''I came to the research may be to him who was the brother of my mother''- she said. A long elephant trunk opened the procession of dancers and body appears as a simple muscle under the midday sun, eyes everywhere, maintain each member hanging in the light with the exception of a member who wants atrophied see everything inside the body.

The brain toes, the plexus.

Ode to the sensuality of the body in the inexhaustible subject of poetry and the pleasures spiritual-bodies in their entanglement and beyond what science we said about them, fly away, leaving their eyes on the ground: it is the under the current painting on the fantasies that inspired many artists in the body's cosmogony, in the symbolism and mythology, body talk to us about our surroundings, our lives, our utopias-

The body, a vision, an interrogation light main room of the mechanical Life ... so the artist wonders;

''Do we want to become a body threatened by the corruption of oil or a body that speaks     and furrows, erases boundaries between real three languages in one language claiming one country?''

The inner part of the water body is also in a different location where one is, necessarily requires the travel advance that does not fall within the painting, but rather in a vision, I mean a strategy poly chromatic Motion made half and half-melodies and rhythms is the path of the body that runs the bike here in reverse, a movement that pushes     mind to the irrepressible growth of words. But then even within painting occurs an irreparable tear in the floor up and down because     the light will capture the heart and compel all the organs of sense to build     in the matrix of a circle, lines which separate them from themselves and then bring them together around a glare. A small body in the likeness of a to that at the end of the detour is agglomerate with other molecules language     still surround the body of blood lines and language take root in the body landscape it is time to create each level of the verb in moving gaze to fill the empty space-the body, this place here is a language whose     body is both its fixed point and its center of gravity. As light shade,empowers the body to light and shadow to provide a power paint organic. However blanks empty paint hatching devoid enjoying     pre-existing elements that circumvent the vertical lines with screens of white man who runs three spaces in the off-center relative to each other-

Suspended bodies, bodies in flight, the body extended into a staging faced with complex architecture with columns commonplace.

The artist develops his own language surprisingly effective, she said:Trying to represent the power of a body expressionist forgotten today!"

 Organist will say no one can be in the physiological sense entomological etc..     etc.. Reports with the biologist with the living without doubt a function of character turbulent giving a triple meaning in action.Having found so many bodies in the paint and out of her eyes in various expressions, plots unusual curves, how to assemble them, tangles, the shrink, the ugly, fold up the break is a how to challenge the senses just make sense against the floor and in the sense to redo the turn of the meaning, history of back-to rise she said  a new sensation.The body here as questions open as many tracks that lead into opposite directions.Understanding works of Sarane the list of words blank below:Towers, edges, contours, streams, roads, returns, finery, diversions, spills, enclosures, yet!

These poetic words, though worn by colors have no direct reports with the artist to testify if the main lines ontological work     from inside his body with distance - it offers us the new soul in the style of ancient mythologies through his own-is a space, a show where the body is just as complicit in the myth in motion and memory. Also, as in any particular history he takes at the very beginning everyone prepares her body and gets to the end lifted the curtain on Conakry or elsewhere.

In this exhibition,between the mixture is the result of mental work which     body structure is equal importance with the words, sounds and volumes of thought-it expresses the answer to her question, she arises

''The body is it more expressive than speech?''We know answer:Of course,''Yes, because the artist can interrogate the memory on a support such as body she tried to leave the boundaries of the unique identity binding to indulge his desires-the beginning of a work that happens in this state     would be very difficult given the weaving and blending of several     life lines should not be neglected on the palm of the hand and the reduction means an effort to''deepening''of oneself (brake)!


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