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Group  exhibitions

Quai aux arts” – June 1997- Strasbourg

Exhibition that mixed young and establish painters

Some nudes” – July 1999- Paris

Public demonstration during three days in flat

“Contrast” – December 1999- Paris

Exhibition in town-hall of borough

Multitude” – June 2000- Paris

Art present gallery

Artist meeting” – February 2001- Dijon

Duet of artist” – July 2001- Vendee

A dialogue between landscape and bodies

Hand to hand fighting” –November 2001- Paris

Confrontation between two gaze of a feminine body:

Sculpture and painting

Pallis’art” –December 2001- Paris

Urban art exhibition along the Canal ST Martin

Violence against women’s” –February 2005- Dakar

To the Ifan Museum for Amnesty International

jazz” –April 2005- Dakar

Homage to Louis Armstrong in National Gallery

Paris meet Greece” –November 2005- Paris

Salon itinerary in town-hall nine

Arte africano” –December 2006- Spanish

Artists of Senegal and Zimbabwe

Senghorama” –January 2007- Dakar

It’s edition art book around “night of Sine” a poesy of Senghor

Meeting” –October 2007- Dakar

Around three women’s painters

Between two” –march 2009- Dakar

In Boribana Museum

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